About EMCO

Hey there! If you’re reading this right now thanks for lurking me! You’re on this page, which means you probably want to know more about me. Okay fine, I’ll tell you about myself stop begging!

My name is Emily, I’m a college student trying to figure out what I want to do with my life so naturally, I am a finance major. I’ m from Los Angeles and more specifically the San Fernando Valley. Shoutout to all my valley girls! I’m obsessed with online shopping, açaí bowls, avocado toast (basically just brunch foods in general), dogs, fashion, zodiac signs (I’m such a Cancer), and reality television. Things I hate… when people refer to California as “Cali”, slow walkers, when people don’t say thank you, and anything artificially orange or grape flavored.

I also love to write! I think it’s super therapeutic and a great way to learn more about yourself.  So stay tuned for some fun posts about me and other random things I want to talk about. Happy you’re here!

Love EmCo