Pressed Juicery Cleanse Review

Here we go! I’ve done a couple Juice cleanses in my day but in the past all were ones that we had whipped up at home with our own juicer, and I’m not going to lie they’ve all ended with me crying and making a mad-dash for In N Out. However, I always did it for too long and wasn’t drinking enough juice. I’ve always wanted to do the Pressed Juicery Cleanse and I am about to go on vacation to Hawaii so now seems like the best time if there is one. Planning on getting all the junk out of my body and  feeling refreshed and healthy so I can be the best version of myself in Hawaii. I’ve always been a fan of the juices at PJ and have tried a majority of the juices in the cleanse so I am optimistic, but I know how hard cleansing can be. Just going keep my eye on the prize and for the next day will be dreaming about all the poke I’m going to eat when I get to Hawaii.

Drink 1 – Greens 2


Greens 2 has always been my favorite of the green juices at Pressed Juicery so I am so happy I get to start with this old fav. Greens 2 is definitely a sweeter green juice which makes it the ideal start to this cleanse. I’m feeling good about this, however there was some baklava in the office cafeteria this morning reminding me this girl loves to eat :/. I’ve also got my Chlorophyll water which you know I will be sippin’ on all day long. Well, it def doesn’t taste like fiji water! Honestly it tastes like tap water which isn’t a bad thing but not a good thing either.

Drink 2 – Citrus 2


I’m already feeling a tad hungry and have been drinking water like crazy (aka have already peed 2 times) so I’m pretty pumped when I see it is finally 11am and time for the next drink. I’ve never had citrus 2 before but with pineapple, apple, lemon, and mint I’m feeling like this is going to yummy and pretty tropical. When I drink it, it feels like a preview of all the fruity rum drinks I know I’ll be drinking in a few days! I’m very down for this. It’s a little sugary but hey I am definitely not complaining. The flavor is super energizing which is exactly what I need right now.

Drink 3 – Greens 3


I’m pretty hungry at this point so I am looking forward to downing whatever drink is next. Greens 3 is the same recipe as greens 2 but it has ginger in it which only makes it 100x worse. Maybe it’s just me, but I am not a fan of ginger. Even when at a sushi restaurant you will never see me “cleansing my palate” with this stupid root, or vegetable, or whatever it is. The after taste was so unpleasant. We took a walk outside to get a little day light and try to stay away from people eating real food. Even walking through the cafeteria was torture. I’m definitely being dramatic though and actually feel a lot fuller than I did before this drink which is a good sign. On my way to a toxin free body! Right?

Drink 4 – Roots 3


Greens 3 is a dream compared to the hell that is roots 3. With a combination of beet, apple, lemon and (yup my favorite) ginger it is almost undrinkable in my opinion. It definitely has a sour dirt taste going on and burns my throat every time I take a sip. I will note it’s like one of my favorite colors which is pretty deceiving. I will be chasing the whole thing with my chlorophyll water. I am pretty hungry at this point, but I have way more energy than I thought I would. Just looking forward to the next drink because anything is better than this.

Drink 5 – Citrus 2


It took me only a million years to finish the last drink so when I see it is finally time for the 5th drink of the day I’m pretty anxious to wash the bad taste out of my mouth. Citrus two is pretty tasty I can taste the coconut milk in it which is delish. I finish it while I’m in a meeting. Of course this meeting goes an hour over what it is supposed to while I am sitting in my chair praying I don’t pee my pants. When I finally got out I peed for 2 minutes, I timed it (not actually)! I’m pretty sick of this, but I feel really hydrated! Lol! SOS!

Drink 6- Vanilla Almond


This. Drink. Is. Perfection. I have already had PJ’s Vanilla Almond Milk, but after my day it literally might be the best thing I have ever tasted. It was exactly what my hungry belly needed. It made me feel so full and happy. I was able to go home and not focus on cramming my face with pretzels.

Ending Thoughts

Cleanses are great short-term fixes to get yourself on track especially if you feel like you’ve been loading up on the junk food. I know I do sometimes! However, I don’t think depriving your body of food when it is telling you it is hungry is the way to go. I love pressed juices, especially from pressed juicery and I’ll continue to obsess over how good (most) of them are, but for me replacing just one meal a day every once in a while is the best option for me. If you want to try the Pressed Juicery Cleanse Check it out here! Or try their freeze in their stores, it’s to die for!

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